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Healthy Grocery Finds At Target

Check out some random healthy staples that you'll want to add onto your weekly grocery list!

Since I moved closer to a Super Target, I have found some favorite staples that I always grab on my weekly grocery trips. I like to get multi-purposeful food items that can be used in various different meal and snack recipes. Below you can find a list of my current go-to's that are not only packed with nutrition but are also so enjoyable to eat.

These crispy crackers are made with fiber dense ingredients like brown rice, quinoa, brown sesame seeds and brown flax seeds. I always keep these crackers on hand and pair them with hummus, salsa, or guacamole for a satisfying snack. If you follow a gluten-free or vegan diet, these crackers can be a great pick!

When selecting snack bars, I always try to avoid added sugars, artificial flavors, and a laundry list of confusing ingredients. I love how these bars are made with just 2 whole food ingredients, cashews and dates. They can be a great midday pick-me-up snack or dessert choice.

When I don't have a batch of my strawberry granola on hand, you can find a bag of Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola in my pantry. This granola includes a mix of whole-food based ingredients like fair-trade dark chocolate, amaranth puffs, oats, sunflower seeds, organic quinoa flakes, chia seeds and more. I sprinkle this granola on smoothie bowls and yogurt to add some crunch for texture and fiber to fill me up.

Stonyfield Plain Organic Greek Yogurt

Did you know that Greek yogurt can provide a dose of nutrients like calcium, potassium, protein, and probiotics which are healthy bacteria for your gut?!

I love purchasing plain Greek yogurt that I can have as a snack with a drizzle of peanut butter and a sprinkle of chopped fruit. I also use plain Greek yogurt in recipes like creamy curry dishes, as part of a spicy Chicken Tikka marinade, and even in overnight oat recipes.

Banza chickpea pasta is one of my top choices at the moment because it has more fiber and protein than regular wheat pasta. I usually toss this pasta into fresh salads, soups, and in some pesto sauce for a quick lunch. If you are looking to add more plant-based protein choices to your own or your family's meals, Banza can be a nutritious and enjoyable option!

Having canned beans in stock has been a savior for last-minute quick dinner nights. These are a great affordable and versatile plant protein choice to have on hand. Just a 1/2 cup of beans can provide about 7 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. Beans can be mashed and turned into a creamy spread for a wrap. I also love tossing beans into rice, soups, salads and vegetable curry dishes for added nutrition.

What I love about frozen vegetables is that they are available all year long and help reduce food waste at home. Freezing is a great way to increase the shelf life of veggies and have them on hand to use on the daily. It is important to note that frozen veggies can be just as healthy as fresh ones- so don't hesitate to grab some! They are so easy to toss into soups, pasta dishes and any other recipe you would like. I found spiralized veggies by Target's Good & Gather brand that work so well in quick stir fry dishes for dinner!

Are you looking for a healthy option in the chip aisle? Siete Tortilla chips have been my go-to lately. The lime flavored tortilla chips are so tasty and pair well with a warm bowl of bean soup, salsa, or guac. What stood out to me was that Siete uses heart-healthy avocado oil to make these crave-worthy chips. These chips are also suitable for a gluten-free diet since they are grain-free.

Since I am a condiment fan, I am always on the look out for healthy options in the market. Primal Kitchen dressing varieties have such simple, recognizable, and whole food based ingredients. I am so glad I found this ranch dressing and marinade because it gives such a delicious zesty flavor. I use it for my salads, in my wraps, drizzled onto baked protein like salmon. Healthy eating should be flavorful and products like this can help achieve that!

Also, if you are lactose intolerant- this dressing is dairy free!

Avocado oil can be pricey at times but I like to keep a bottle in stock since it is suitable for high-heat cooking. I often use this oil for stir frying, sautéing, baking, and grilling. It is loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Although this oil choice is nutritious, it is important to use portion control.

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