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Dietitian Picks: Kitchen Appliances

Updated: May 11, 2021

If you prefer a mess-free and time-saving experience in your kitchen, then check out my top 4 recommended appliances to add to your kitchen if you haven't already!

Since I love simplifying my time in the kitchen, I enjoy filling it up with useful gadgets and gizmos. If you cook for a large family or like to meal prep often, purchases like these can be a great help. Most importantly, they can make your time in the kitchen a mess-free and an enjoyable experience. Below I have links and descriptions to 4 of my favorite picks to include in your kitchen this year. These are definitely worth your wallet!

1. Airfryer:

This is at the top of my 2021 recommendations list for several reasons. Through 2020, I found myself using the air fryer for so many quick and easy work-day meals and snacks. For my midday snacks, I toss slices of fresh veggies like zucchini or sweet potatoes into the air fryer with some seasonings to make quick 5-10 minute crispy veggie "chips". I dip skinless chicken breasts in seasoning, egg-wash, and ground oats to make 25 minute "fried" chicken for dinner. If you have a small family, an air fryer under 5 quart may be suitable. For a big family, 5.8 quart or larger size can be ideal. I've had an incredibly convenient and healthy experience with my air fryer that you should join in on!

2. Instant Pot Smart WIFI

If you haven't hopped onto the Instant Pot wagon yet, now is the time! This kitchen appliance is highly recommended due to the amount of convenience it provides when it comes to mealtime. This Instant pot can save some space in your kitchen due to its 8-in-1 features. It can be used as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, cake maker and more. Its wifi and Alexa connectivity allows you to control cooking time and adjustments on-command or on-the-go. You can gain the benefits of hassle free meal-time and freed up counter space with the addition of just one appliance!

Recommendation: Instapot Smart Wifi

3. Veggie Spiralizer

A fun way to get veggies in, is to simply turn them into noodles. If you are an adult lacking veggies in the diet or have kids that have trouble eating vegetables , purchasing this item is well worth it. If you are cooking for 1-2, then I recommend purchasing a convenient handheld spiralizer. If more than 3-4 individuals are joining you for a meal, then I suggest the Paderno World Cuisine Pro spiralizer/slicer. I love to spiralize veggies like zucchini, cucumber, beets, and carrots for cold and crunchy salads or warm dishes like veggie stir fry's.

4. Handheld Blender

From dips like hummus, to chutneys, baby food, and soups, this appliance has diverse uses that can simplify time and effort. Instead of fumbling around with various larger appliances, you can just stick this handheld blender into a deep bowl or cooking pot that is consists of all your ingredients. Compared to a traditional blender, hand blenders also save storage space.

Recommendation: Cuisinart Hand Blender

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