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Your Travel Snack Guide

Pack healthy snacks to fuel your next travel adventure!

Whether you are flying to a vacation destination or road-tripping during the holidays, packing some nutritious snacks for the journey can come in handy. While traveling, it can be easy to go long stretches between meal-times which can lead you to feeling irritable, hangry and exhausted. Packing your own snacks can save you from purchasing pricey options at the duty-free shops or gas station.They can also come in handy when you are in a pinch with limited food options available. Along with other travel essentials like clothes, shoes, toiletries, adding nutritious snacks to your travel packing checklist can be a great idea. Check out healthy snack options that will keep you fueled for your travel adventures.

What To Consider Before Purchasing Snacks

How long you will be traveling for and your mode of transportation can be important to consider before purchasing your snacks. A general 2+1 rule that I like to use can help you pack at least 2 daily snacks per person plus a drink to stay hydrated. If you are traveling by plane, it is important to pack food in your hand luggage that complies with TSA guidelines. Solid snacks like crackers and granola bars can be great picks to add in your carry on luggage. Liquid snacks like nut butters will have to comply with the 3-1-1 rule which outlines that liquid items should be in a 3.4oz (or less) sized container, stored in 1 clear plastic bag, and you are allowed 1 carry on bag per person.

What Type of Snacks To Pack

When shopping for your travel snacks, selecting options that are both shelf stable and nourishing can be a great idea. Food items like fresh fruit, veggies, chicken, tuna and eggs are better picks for road-tripping since they are temperature sensitive and need to be kept in a cooler. Shelf-stable snacks like trail mix, whole-wheat crackers, granola bars, nuts and seeds are great portable options for all types of travel that don't require temperature control. Selecting snacks that contain energy-boosting carbohydrates as well as satiating fats and protein can provide you with lasting energy that you need. Take a peek below for some ideas!

How To Pack Your Snacks

If you are packing for the road, silicone reusable snack pouches can come in handy as well as clear snack-sized containers so you can easily view which snacks you want. These storage options are perfect for packing homemade muffins, bars, snack mixes, veggie slices, and fruit. Keeping a portable cooler on hand for temperature sensitive snacks like yogurt, cheese, vegetables, and fruit while road tripping can be helpful. If you are traveling by air, placing snacks in clear bags so it can get through security is a great idea. Pre-packaged packs of snacks that are not messy or smelly like nuts, trail mix, crackers can be ideal choices for air travel.

Best Travel Snack Ideas:

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