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 I am Huma, a passionate Dietitian by fate and foodie by choice from Chicago, IL.  I am the voice and creator behind D.O.N . And on this corner of the internet,  I help you navigate through the modern world of food & nutrition with ease and confidence!
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We all know that life can get  pretty hard.  But living a nutritious lifestyle doesn't have to be.  I created Dose of Nutrition to inspire you to eat for health but most importantly, enjoy it too.  My nutrition philosophy simply focuses on achieving optimal health through following a balanced, wholesome, & mindful approach to eating.  Food will always be a part of our lives, so let’s all utilize the benefits and joy it has to offer every single day !
Health & Happiness,
Huma Naz RD, LDN


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My Story

I grew up in a South Asian household where wholesome food has always been celebrated as one of life’s blessings with extensive healing qualities enriching our mind, body, & soul.  My parents have always been sure to encourage a nutrition-first approach to health and wellbeing as it was taught to them while growing up.  Instead of always reaching for the medicine cabinet, my parents believed that there were more promising and long-lasting options in the pantry or refrigerator to treat or prevent health concerns. From bloating to joint pain and even the headaches, I learned how nutrition can be a such a powerful savior.  I also celebrated my own culture and learned about others through exploring the diversity of food at my house.

Unfortunately as I grew older, I began to realize that not everyone had the same positive definition behind food as my family and I did.  I experienced food shaming when I'd bring my mom's delish South Asian dishes for my school lunch and kids shouted" Ew! what's that?!". I saw how some peers encouraged avoiding crucial food groups like carbs or fats to reach the media's perception of a picturesque body image.  I witnessed life-threatening situations of loved ones due to lack of focus on nutrition and well-being throughout their lifetime. I also continued to see how many people changed their diet strategies monthly based on what diet seemed to be trending and struggled to find a comfortable balance with food.  These situations are a mere representation of what I and many others experience that can turn food into an enemy rather than a lifelong friend.  As food confusion seemed to grow around me,  my curiosity flourished about the facts behind what many people claimed to be the truth. I strived to learn how to help others see food and nutrition through a wider and more positive lens to reap the health benefits that were honored at home. My thriving interest naturally lead me to embark on the evergreen field of Dietetics. 


​Throughout my educational journey as a dietetic student, I had the privilege to gain further knowledge about the myriad of roles food and nutrition plays in human health, food science, as well as communities and cultures around the world.  This education solidified my passion for nutrition as the foundation for lifelong health and well-being. I didn't want to solely keep my knowledge to myself but rather spread nutrition awareness to a wide scale of people. I also wanted to show people that nutrition does not discriminate- it can be customized to suit your medical, cultural, religious, financial, and even personal needs/preferences. From conducting nutrition education community events and working with underserved communities to dealing with diverse patients in high stress clinical settings, I had a passionate start to a never ending journey of spreading food love and nutritional well-being.


Today, make sure to stay abreast current nutrition research by attending webinars, conferences, workshops as well as staying updated with journals and books. I also am passionate about connecting with people across the world to celebrate food diversity and learn about them through their food practices. As a practicing Dietitian, I wholeheartedly carry my experiences and evolving knowledge around with me everyday.  I strive to influence anyone I can to walk in the direction towards proper nutritional well-being in order to heal and flourish throughout their lifetime! 

Professional Bio


Huma Naz RD, LDN is a practicing Outpatient Dietitian in Illinois. Huma works with clients of all ages and health concerns including but not limited to weight management, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, and disordered eating. She also has extensive experience in community, corporate, nutrition management, and high-stress clinical settings across the Chicagoland region.  Huma has graduated from Benedictine University with a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics and completed further education for ACEND-accredited coursework through her Dietetic Internship with a focus on clinical nutrition.   She has also been a proud member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for over 5 years.  In her personal life, she enjoys creating food art, daily mindful meditation, and travel adventures with her family.

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