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3 Steps To Build The Perfect Grazing Board!

Build a nutritious grazing board that is pleasing to the eye and palate!

Grazing boards have been having their moment this year and I am in no doubt that these boards will continue to trend in the upcoming year!

Compared to the traditional charcuterie boards that include an array of meats and cheeses, grazing boards give more of an assortment of food groups that compliment each other. It can be a perfect statement piece at the table filled with finger foods everyone can enjoy at your social gathering. These snack or appetizer boards can also save you tons of time since you can create the board with no-cook items!

When browsing ideas on social media, you can come across a variety of elaborate and decorative grazing boards which can get a bit overwhelming. I like to follow 3 main steps that can help you get creative and build a balanced, aesthetically pleasing, and delicious board.

Step 1: Select a theme

A theme can help you choose different food options that compliment each other. Cultural, color, or seasonal are some of my favorite themes to choose from. For example, if you chose a cultural food theme like a Mediterranean grazing board, you can decorate a wooden board with an array of Mediterranean finger foods like pita slices, olives, walnuts, roasted chickpeas, and hummus dip. For holidays like Valentine's day, you can build a pink and red color theme board that includes options like strawberries, white chocolate pretzels, crackers with a berry jam. The ideas are endless and easy to figure out once you select a theme!

Step 2: Choose food with different textures & flavors

To create an exciting and satisfying eating experience, balance your board with different flavors and textures. Choose soft and crunchy foods along with sweet and savory options. A simple way to do this is to select options from different food groups. For soft and juicy options, opt for fresh fruit like berries and for crunchy picks, try crackers, nuts, and granola clusters. Honey roasted nuts along with spiced cheeses are options that can add great flavor variety to your board. Check out the image below for some more ideas!

Step 3: Aesthetics- Add decorative components to your board

A grazing board can be a work of art that can awe your guests. First, I like to select a sturdy and beautiful board to place the food items on. You can choose from popular materials like marble or wood. For larger number of guests, long and rectangle wood charcuterie boards can be a great pick. For less people, I like to use a small marble tray or a round wood board. To add structure to the board, you can add 1-3 mini bowls for dips or wet ingredients. After you assemble your crackers, fruit, veggies, and other ingredients, you can add garnish to your board with fresh herbs like rosemary as a finishing touch.

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