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Hacks To Make Your Smoothies More Nutritious & Satisfying!

Check out hacks to boost nutrition and increase the satiety factor of your smoothies(3 bonus smoothie prep/storage hacks below)

Smoothies can be the ultimate quick and enjoyable way for both kids and adults to get a daily dose of fruit, veggies, and hydration. Especially during the warmer months, I love to enjoy a colorful and refreshing smoothie while lounging under the sun. If you like to sip on smoothies on the regular, check out these hacks to make your smoothies more enjoyable, filling, and nutrient dense. Don't forget to take a peek at my favorite time saving smoothie prep and storage hacks as well!

Give your smoothies a fiber boost with these veggies

Leafy greens like spinach and kale aren't the only veggie options to add to your smoothies. You can also add frozen cauliflower which has a neutral flavor and can give your smoothies a creamy texture. During the summer, I like to add bright veggies like carrots or beets along with tropical fruits like pineapple and mango. For those that are hesitant about adding veggies to smoothies, pairing them with very ripe or tropical fruits can help mask the strong taste of certain veggies.

For a thick & creamy smoothie, add ingredients like avocados & Greek yogurt

If you enjoy thick and creamy spoonable smoothies, adding a serving of ripe avocado can be a great pick that can also provide you with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, and folate. Tossing in Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, or silkened tofu can also add to the creaminess along with a protein boost. Rolled oats can be another way to add thickness to any smoothie and provide a dose of fiber, making your smoothies both filling and satisfying.

Add healthy fats to your smoothies for better satiety

If you enjoy smoothies as an on-the-go breakfast or snack during your busy day, adding healthy fats can help you stay fueled and sustained for longer. Blending in fats like avocados, sunflower seeds, walnuts, or unsweetened nut butters can help keep your blood sugar levels stable and provide you with lasting satiety. Chia seeds can be another omega-3 and fiber rich healthy fat that you can stir into smoothies or toss into the blender along with other ingredients.

3 Smoothie Prep Hacks:

If you enjoy smoothies often, check out these time saving smoothie prep hacks!

1. Freezer smoothie pouches: Create pre-portioned individual freezer smoothie pouches by dividing smoothie ingredients into little freezer bags that you can just grab & blend when it's time to make the smoothie. You can toss in chopped veggies, fruit of choice, and healthy fats like avocados in each freezer bag then label each bag with the smoothie flavor you have ingredients for.

2. Smoothie Ice Cubes: You can first blend up a smoothie, pour it into ice cube trays, and freeze into little smoothie ice cubes. You can then blend the cubes later to create a speedy chilled smoothie on-the-go!

3. Do you have trouble blending your smoothie evenly? For example, some challenges may be pausing the blender several times to stir or scrape the ingredients often. Sometimes changing up the order of ingredients you toss into a blender can make it quick and easy to blend up all the ingredients evenly. You can pour 1/2 of your liquid base into the blender first along with a layer of fruit then veggies. Lastly, pour over your remaining liquid and blend away.

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