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A Cutie Is On The Way: Sharing My Baby Shower Details!

It's been exactly one year since my baby shower last May. I can't believe how fast time goes by and my little cutie is almost a one year old! Having a cutie themed shower felt like a natural pick for a Dietitian like me. I love bright, refreshing, food-themed events so this theme was super fun to get creative with. From decor to menu options, and baby shower activities, I got you covered with all the fun details that made my shower super fun and memorable for the cutie soon to arrive!

A big thank you to my loved ones for making this day so special!

If you are planning a baby shower, a cutie themed shower is a refreshing one to enjoy this spring or summer! It is a gender neutral option that works for both boys and girls. I love this theme because the color palette is bright, energy-filled and the menu can have tons of healthful options for your guests to enjoy. A plus is that the decor can easily be minimalistic and affordable. I have divided my baby shower planning details into different categories that you can check out below!


When selecting a venue, I wanted to choose a place that gave a garden, nature, or farm vibe which pairs well with a fruit/cutie theme. Places like outdoor parks, garden venues, or barns can be perfect picks. Conveniently, there was a barn near my house(literally walking distance!) that hosts weddings and other events. This barn has beautiful wooden walls with tiny windows and golden string lights hung around the walls. It also has a cute bar area that serves fresh ice tea and lemonade. A farm vibe was perfect for the fruit-themed event!


I wanted the entrance to be eye-catchy, interactive, and welcoming for the guests. As the guests walk in, I had a table placed for gifts along with another table that was decorated with the party favors, baby photos of my husband and I, along with a guest book that they can write messages in for the cutie soon to arrive!

Party Favors

Party favors are my favorite thing to plan before anything else for my events. I often choose edible gifts but this time, I wanted to choose something different that my guests can use. Skincare was a huge part of my pregnancy self-care so I gifted my guests Vitamin C facial masks and orange body scrubs that they loved. Some other great favors can be citrus flavored tea bags, candles, or sweet treats like gummy orange slices!

Decor Theme

Earthy, bright, fresh citrus fruits such as cuties and clementines, and lots of greenery were some of the decor options that can bring this theme to life! Bright orange, green, gold, and hints of light pink for our baby girl was the color palette I chose to go with. Most of my guests were not aware of the gender till they came to the party so the hints of pink color was a fun surprise for them to see! I ordered most of the decor from Amazon (links to some of the items can be found at the end!)

Guest Tables

I combined modern and nature elements to the tablescape with a eucalyptus vine, dried orange slices, and cutie balloons in the center. For each guest seat, I chose to place brown lace paper doilies which is an affordable and simple place mat option to elevate a plate setting along with a clear gold glitter disposable dinner plate, a white and gold flower shaped appetizer plate, and statement napkins that represented the cutie theme. For the utensils, I chose simple gold disposable ones and tied them together with raffia that paired well with the the barn venue.

Dessert Station and Stage Backdrop

This area is the center of the party so I wanted it to represent all elements of the theme.


For the backdrop, I chose an artificial green grass floordrop background. The backdrop was decorated with a banner that read " A cutie is on the way" along with baby pink hydrangeas that lined the top of the grass backdrop which was a hint for a baby girl soon to arrive!

Dessert Table

I wanted the dessert options to have a fruit, citrus/orange flavor theme. The grand cake was a statement piece that I decorated the center of the table with. My wonderful cousin gifted a cake from a local shop for the baby shower that was a vanilla and coconut cake with orange cream. I wanted the cake to have plain white frosting along with fresh orange slices and green leaves decorated around it for a minimalistic and natural look. My cousin added orange macrons, roses, and requested the baker to make the inside of the top tier pink which was a delightful touch. Other dessert menu options include Mandarin jello cups, frozen orange slices dipped in chocolate with nuts, mango mousse, strawberry parfait, pistachio ice cream, citrus cake pops, and my favorite- fruit salad in an orange peel bowl!

Some other decorative elements added to the dessert table were a clear jar of fresh oranges along with an orange colored farmhouse pitcher that I used as a vase with an artificial orange stem. The desserts were placed on various platforms like a gold cake stand, mini wooden crates, and gold trays. Just simply adding fresh/dried citrus fruit and green plants can be a minimal way to add character to your table!

I also purchased gold frames from Dollar Tree and made DIY printable of messages, agenda, menus, to place in various areas. <--- Here's an example!


When selecting the event menu, I like to accommodate all my guests by choosing both vegetarian and meat based options, being familiar with your guests' preferences, and incorporating seasonal, fresh food. My parents were so kind to treat everyone with my ideal baby shower menu!

For the appetizers, I wanted to provide my guests with healthy finger foods that included fresh veggies like cucumber sandwiches, crispy spinach cups, and veggie potato skewers with a Greek yogurt dip. Throughout my pregnancy, Mediterranean food was a consistent craving. Luckily, my guests also love this local Mediterranean restaurant so I thought this would be a perfect pick for the main meal. The menu included both vegetarian and meat-based options like rice pilaf, felafels, stuffed grape leaves, charcoal grilled beef, chicken shawarma, Jerusalem salad, and hummus. The guests enjoyed building a balanced and colorful plate of flavorful food.

DIY cutie straws were added to the drink bar!


I wanted my guests to enjoy activities that are funny, easy for all ages, and interactive. I also incorporated prizes to encourage some fun competition. For the first activity, I printed "Guess the nursery rhyme game" where the guests had to guess the emoji inspired nursery rhyme which was fun for both kids and adults. Whoever completed the game card the quickest was the winner. A baby bottle race was another great game where 3 participants volunteered to finish a bottle of an orange flavored drink as fast as they can. Since there were a few little kids at my baby shower, I also added a pin the pacifier on the baby game for them to enjoy and for the moms at the shower, a baby-themed Price is Right game.

Cute prize for the winners: Orange hand soap(from Bath & Body Works) & orange creme chocolates!

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