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3 Food Trends To Try In The New Year

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Try these food trends this year that can help you build a positive and beneficial relationship with food!

As we jump into the new year, you may see ads and offers targeting health-conscious individuals with the latest extreme, short-term diet to try, weight loss program to join, or a magical supplement to purchase. These offerings can lead you to false promises and unattainable results. Instead of jumping onto limiting food trends like the latest detox juice, counting point/calories, rejecting carbs, or drinking magical chlorophyll water, try food trends that will help you build a better relationship with food and positive eating behaviors in the new year.

Check out these positive food trends to try in 2022!

Bring on the balance

Let's leave a restrictive eating mindset behind and welcome an abundant and balanced eating mindset this year! Rather than focusing on what foods to limit or avoid to achieve your health goals, focus on learning about what you can include in your diet from different food groups that will help you feel the best. This way, you will find a way to eat that is nourishing, enjoyable, and sustainable!

Try out new cultural foods

Throughout 2021, I enjoyed seeing the various ethnic food celebration and eating practices on social platforms like Tik Tok. That lead me to a goal of trying at least 2 new cultural recipes every month in 2022. Exploring recipes from around the world can help you expand your food options and introduce new nutrients and flavors. You can learn about different eating practices, food traditions, and gain an appreciation for other cultures. Also, keeping a look out for globally inspired foods throughout your local grocery spots can be a great idea!

For example, after coming across an African dish called Egusi soup with fufu, I learned how this dish is traditionally eaten by hand which is similar to eating practices in my South Asian culture. Trying out this new dish gave me an opportunity to taste new ingredients and connect with another culture.

Low-waste food practices

Whether it's trying a new food storage hack or making weekly "clean out the fridge meals", there can be many small and impactful ways to reduce food waste in your home. Reducing food waste at home can not only help the environment but can also help you save money and time. Check out some of my favorite kitchen hacks and tips below:

  • Do you have leafy greens that are starting to wilt? Toss them into omelette, casseroles, smoothies, or stir fry's.

  • After washing and peeling any root vegetable like potatoes or carrots, you can roast the peels with olive oil and seasoning for a crunchy garnish to sprinkle over salads, curries, and soups.

  • Organize your groceries with the first in, first out method. This way, you can keep items that will expire first at eye level.

  • Make weekly " clean out the fridge meals". At the end of the week, it can be a great idea to clean, organize, and get a fridge inventory. Maybe you'll find some leftover chicken, some cheese, and a half bag of baby carrots. You can then update your grocery list and use up leftovers in meals like soups, casseroles, stir fry's, or breakfast egg frittatas.

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