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Holiday Gift Guide For Foodies!

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Edible gift ideas that are affordable, easy to find, and enjoyable for anyone in your life!

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Not just perfect for the holidays, edible gifts can be a delicious, personal, and easy gift option all year round. The best part is, there is an option for everyone out there-the snacker, a new chef, and even for a busy mom. To make each foodie gift personal, it can be helpful to know a little something about the giftees food preferences. You can select a gift based on their favorite cuisine, whether they like spicy food, or if they have a sweet tooth. Check out some fun ideas that can even come in handy last-minute!

The Italian Foodie

For all the pasta lovers out there, this gift can be a personal and budget-friendly pick! You can DIY a pasta meal gift basket by adding a homemade or boxed pasta, homemade or jar pasta sauce(Otamot veggie-filled tomato sauce affiliate discount code to use on HUMAC10. You can also get a sauce jar personalized with a name!), cheese wedge along with fresh or dried herbs to a decorative gift basket. You can also create a pizza gift basket by swapping the pasta with a flatbread.

The Serial Snacker

If you have a snacker in your life, what is a better gift than a variety snack basket. For this gift idea, it can be important to note what kind of snacker they are. Some people like savory snacks while others like sweet options or a little bit of both flavors. Some healthy snack options that can make great gifts include fresh fruit, snack-size nut packets, dried fruit, chocolate covered nuts, granola bars like these protein-rich B.T.R Nation bars( affiliate discount code to use on : DONHUMA), popcorn snack bags, or fresh salsa and baked tortilla chips.

The Tea Fanatic

Teas can always be a healthful and classic gift option. I love making a tea gift box that includes a cute mug, loose herbal tea or tea bags, a little spoon, tea infuser, small jar of honey, and a little homemade baked good to enjoy with tea such as oatmeal cookies or banana bread. This gift can be personalized by selecting tea flavors that the individual will like. You can also purchase a mug personalized with a name, photo, or saying. If you are traveling, you can also pick up a specialty local tea as a souvenir gift!

The Busy Bee

A busy bee in your life can surely appreciate some ready-to-go meals for their demanding schedule. For these individuals, gifting them a subscription to a meal delivery service like Hello Fresh can help them save time on grocery shopping. Thrive Market is an online grocery store that also offers healthy pre-made, meat-based or plant-based meals. Similarly, many grocery stores like Target sell budget-friendly meal kits like this burrito bowl meal kit. A very affordable option can be to create a basket with quick cooking food items like these 90-second microwavable whole grains from Target that they can pair with any protein, canned beans, and nutritious Amy's soup or chili cans.

The New Chef

If there is someone in your life that has just found a new love for cooking, these gifts that can help them expand their culinary skills. One DIY gift option is to make them a recipe kit by including an easy recipe card along with ingredients in a decorative basket or box. You can also gift these loves ones a kitchen appliance that can make cooking easy and fun such as an Air fryer, cute cooking pan, vegetable slicer, or a handy chef's knife set. My favorite pick is to gift them a cooking class experience. There are many fun virtual and in-person cooking classes that can help build cooking skills in an enjoyable way.

Delicious Stocking Stuffers

During the holiday season, there can be many cute foodie stocking stuffers to gift someone in stores. If you have someone in your life that enjoys fancy oils, gifting mini infused olive oils can be a great option . Mini jams, honey, hot sauce bottles, or spreads can also be a pick. Small-sized snack bars like the KIND minis, date and nut mini bars from Good and Gather, or dark chocolate covered almond snack packs can also be a fun food stuffer.

A Homemade Dish

What is a better way to show love than a special homemade meal that you put time and effort into. A homemade dish can be a baked dessert, a cultural dish someone can try, or a person's favorite dish that you make. You can also plate the meal in a fancy dish that the individual can keep. I always get excited whenever my mom gifts me her homemade baklava!

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