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Feed Your Body. Nourish Your Cells.



So glad you're here!

I am Huma, a clinical Registered Dietitian, nutrition blogger, recipe developer, and a fanatic for ethnic cuisine!  I use this blog to share digestible nutrition information, easy plant-forward recipes & a peek into my South Asian roots!


I celebrate nutrition that honors:

  • Body function

  • Diversity

  • Mindfulness

  • Balance

  • Simplicity


Learn more about me and my nutrition philosophy here!


Various topics
  • Nutritious living tips 

  • Wholesome recipes

  • Ethnic food celebration

  • Trending hot topics

  • Product reviews

  • Grocery shopping tips

  • Mindful eating habits

  • & more!

Don't know where to begin? I would start with my favorite posts right here, here, & here!

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Food blog

My Services

Let's work together!
  • Customized nutrition education resources for your food business

  • Customized wellness presentations

  • Sponsored blog posts

  • Virtual food demo

  • & more!


I love working with like-minded professionals to spread the love and importance of health & wellness through innovative ways. 

Check out all my services and get in touch! 


Don't forget to grab them!

 Feel free to check out my Etsy store ​for more healthy living resources!


Pale Pink and White Minimalist Disciplin


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