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Candy Cane


Turn a classic caprese salad into a candy cane this season!

This appetizer or snack board can be fun pre-dinner munch with your family or a festive touch to your holiday or winter-themed party.  It takes just 10 minutes to prep and requires no cooking. The combination of leafy greens, vibrant tomatoes, fresh cheese, cucumbers, and crackers provide color, nutrients, and textures that everyone can enjoy.

Candy Cane Caprese Board 

Serving: (8-10 people)

Prep Time: 10 minutes 

Author: Huma Naz

What you need to build the board:

  • about 3 roma tomatoes, sliced

  • 16 oz log of fresh mozzarella cheese (pre-sliced is prefereable)

  • 1 cucumber, sliced

  • Handful of choice of crackers (ex: whole wheat crackers) or small toasted baguette slices

  • Handful of fresh greens (ex: baby spinach, basil leaves, or arugula)

  • Balsamic dressing or balsamic glaze

  • Optional add: olive oil with herbs for dipping, sprinkle salt/pepper on the cheese and tomatoes

  • Mini candy canes for decor

  • Mini dip dish 

  • 1-2 mini tongs

  • small spoon for the dressing/glaze dish

  • medium sized wooden board


  1. Overlap mozzarella cheese and fresh tomatoes  in an alternating pattern to create a candy cane shape.

  2. Assemble the crackers, greens, and cucumbers, and mini dish with dressing on the top and or bottom of the board as you like.

  3. Decorate empty spaces on the board with mini candy canes

  4. Bonus:  sprinkle salt, pepper, Italian herbs and a drizzle of olive oil on the candy cane salad right before serving.


Recipe Notes:

  • Purchasing the pre-sliced mozzarella cheese at the store can make it easier and quicker to build the board.

  • You can build the board a few hours before serving and store it in the fridge.

I'd love to see your recreations- Don't forget to tag
 @adoseofnutrition on instagram!
I will gladly drop a comment & share your recreation photo in my stories!
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