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Welcoming A Healthful Fall

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Check out 5 of my go-to health-supporting ways to welcome the beautiful autumn season!

Transitioning into the season of shorter days, cooler temperatures, and falling leaves can come with much enjoyment. Fall has so much to offer and we should take advantage of it all while it lasts. Check out all of my favorite ways to welcome the new season with healthy habits and seasonal festivities.

Natural Air Freshners

Stovetop potpurri and cinnamon broomsticks are two inexpensive and natural ways to bring autumnal aroma into your home.

Although I love seasonal candles and sprays, I try to reduce the use of artificial fragrances in my home especially after having my daughter last year. Simmering a pot of water with citrus fruit peels along with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg not only smells delicious but is also a great way to use food scraps. Another great way to bring natural aroma is to grab a cinnamon broomstick from grocery stores like Trader Joe's to decorate your kitchen and enjoy the seasonal scent it provides!

DIY food activities

Build your own caramel apple, autumn leaf salad, pumpkin carving, and baking can be some enjoyable ways to celebrate the season with friends and family.

To build your own caramel apple, you can slice a couple apples(toss them in some lemon juice to prevent browning and pat dry) and place all the dips and toppings in the sections on a muffin tin. You can stick a tooth pick on one end of the apple slice and dip it into melted nut butter, chocolate, nuts, coconut flakes and more.

The autumn leaf salad activity is a easy way to celebrate autumnal colors. You can select fruit or veggies that are yellow, green, and red and toss them together to made a leaf color salad. If you carve pumpkins, you can save and roast the seeds to toss into salads, soups, and to enjoy as a snack since they are nutrient dense and a good source of protein.

Edible Seasonal Decor

One of the 1st ways I love to welcome any season into my home is with vibrant seasonal produce. A decorative wooden, rattan, or marble fruit bowl or basket can be a great statement piece in your kitchen or dining room where you can display autumnal produce. This not only brings color into your home but also can instill healthful eating choices. Some autumnal produce I love to display are colorful apples, pears, pomegranate, figs, persimmons, and kiwi. Other great edible decor can be a tray or jars of colorful dried fruit and nuts.

Comfort Meals

As the air gets cooler this season, I instantly start to crave all the warm and cozy meals. Oatmeal bowls, hearty soups, creamy pasta, and grain bowls are few of the wholesome meals that can be enjoyed this time of year. The best part is any of these meals can be balanced with different nourishing food groups like protein, whole grains, and veggies. For example, you can build a grain bowl with brown rice, grilled protein, and roasted veggies. Top it off with your favorite dressing or sauce. Check out ways to build a balanced soup bowl below!

Seasonal Outdoor Activities

Scenic walks or hikes, strolling around the pumpkin patch, and apple picking are some great ways to get some sun time and fresh air during autumn. I personally love to go biking at scenic parks and forest preserves with my family.

If you love art or have kids, a simple backyard scavenger hunt for colorful leaves, acorns, pine cones, and flowers can be a great way to get physically active. These can be used in festive crafts projects. I usually go hunting for pine cones that I like to place in decorative glass jars with dried orange peels or cinnamon sticks for decor. You can also place dry leaves inside a clear picture frame for wall art!

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