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Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings

Check out nutritious breakfasts options for those quick and busy mornings!

Ive totally been there- your morning alarm goes off and after a few snooze hits, you realize that there's only 10 minutes to get ready and fly out the door. Weekday mornings can be rushed, tiring and leave little time to make a sit-down breakfast. Especially if you have kids, getting several servings of breakfast ready in time may get overwhelming. For these days, I'm sharing 4 of my all-time favorite grab-and-go breakfast options that are nourishing and easy to customize.

Overnight Oats

Since they are prepared the night-before, overnight oats can make an ideal grab-and-go breakfast option for your busy mornings. All you do is toss ingredients like oats, your choice of milk, nuts/seeds, seasonings and fruit into a jar, mix everything together, place a lid on the jar and store it in your fridge to enjoy as soon as you wake up. The oats and nuts/seeds provide fiber and some protein that can keep you full till your next meal. The fruit can provide a dose of vitamin, minerals and antioxidants. You can get creative and customize your toppings every week with options like creamy peanut butter, different fruit, granola or pumpkin spice seasoning for fall. Check out my Fall-Themed Overnight Oats: 2 Ways to get started!

Make-Ahead Egg Muffins

A perfect example of cooking once and eating all week, egg muffins can be a protein-packed breakfast item to batch cook and have ready for those rushed mornings. To create egg muffins, you can chop up veggies of your choice and whisk together eggs, spices or herbs. You can then stuff each muffin cup on a muffin tin with veggies and pour over your egg mixture. I also like to sprinkle over cheese and bake till the egg cook well. Egg muffins can be stored in the fridge or freezer and are great to pop right into the microwave on your way out. Check out my easy Egg-cellent bites on Instagram (click here)!

Veggie-filled Breakfast Tacos

Easy to customize, breakfast tacos can be a simple and healthy option to enjoy through the week. You can stuff a fiber-dense tortilla with protein like scrambled eggs or canned beans, veggies of your choice and toppings like cheese or salsa. These are quick to throw together in the morning and can even be a great make-ahead option that you can freeze for a quick grab-and-go breakfast. Breakfast tacos can provide you with protein and fiber to fuel your day!

Savory or Sweet Toasts

Upgrade your toast game with various nutrient-dense toppings. If you are tired of the simple toast and butter combo, you can top your toasts with options that include protein, fiber and healthy fats to keep you satisfied. Some examples include:

  • Scrambled egg and avocado slices

  • Hummus Spread with sautéed spinach and mushrooms

  • Ricotta cheese and chia seed jam

  • Mashed avocado spread and seasoned canned chickpeas

  • Peanut butter with sliced almonds and banana slices.

This can be a quick put-together breakfast with endless variations!

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