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5 Mind-Blowing Ways To Use Ordinary Kitchen Tools

Updated: Jan 7

Check out some creative ways to use common kitchen supplies that you wish you knew sooner!

From cauliflower chopper to avocado slicers and herb strippers, there seems to be a tool for every food item in the kitchen. Gadgets like these can definitely make the cooking experience exciting.

Even though I love shopping for kitchen supplies, they can easily clutter up my kitchen cabinet and drawer space. Before you add more items to your collection, take a peek at all the creative ways you can use everyday kitchen tools. These ideas can also help you build meal prepping and cooking skills that can make healthy eating convenient, enjoyable and sustainable too!

1. Ice Cube Trays For Food Storage

Do you have fresh herbs that are starting to wilt? Chop those herbs up and toss them into a silicone ice cube tray with olive oil and minced garlic. Throwing in an ice cube while you are stir frying or sautéing can be a quick way to add in flavor. Ice cube trays can also be used to store extra tomato sauce, lemon juice, or broth. You can extend their shelf life and save time while cooking!

2. Sheet Pan For Pancakes

If you cook for a big family or need a ready-to-go breakfast for the week, try sheet pan pancakes. Instead of standing at the stove flipping pancakes for a while, just pour the pancake batter onto a sheet pan lined with parchment paper and bake at 400°F until the pancake batter is cooked well. Once done, you will have one huge pancake that you can cut into squares and serve or store in the refrigerator for a ready-made breakfast.

3. Muffin Tin For Taco Bowls

For your next Taco Tuesday meal, consider making my favorite Fiesta Taco Bowl recipe using a muffin tin. You can take 6-inch flour tortillas, insert them into each cup of a large muffin tin, lightly spray with oil, and bake at 420°F for about 10 minutes or until they are golden brown. Folding the tortillas in half, then in quarters and unfolding or adjusting them in each muffin cup can help form little bowls. After they are done baking, you can make a delicious taco bowl by adding layers of beans or meat, veggies, salsa and guac.

4. An Ice Cream Scoop For More Than Just Ice Cream

An ice cream scoop can come in handy more often than you may think. I like to use this handy dandy tool to form round meat balls or energy snack bites. Portioning snacks like trail mix into baggies or baking batter into a muffin pan can become easier when using this tool. To add on, you can also clean out the seeds from melons and squashes with an ice cream scoop- the list is endless!

5. A Pizza Cutter For Cutting Herbs & More!

This tool would only come in handy once a week during pizza nights until I came across some other mind-blowing ways to use it. You can use a pizza cutter to chop fresh herbs like rosemary, chives, and thyme. If you are baking biscuits, pie, or pastries, using the sharp wheel of the pizza cutter to zip through the dough can be quite convenient.

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